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Specialty Items

Kibbee nayeh $(Market Value) 24 hr notice is required
Leg of Lamb with stuffed seasoned rice- $(market value) 24 hr notice is required.
Whole Lamb with stuffed seasoned rice-$(Market Value) 24 hr notice is required.
Comes with large Fattoush and Large tray of Bakalava

Special Event Catering

(the following is a menu designed to make catering easier for meetings or special events, which includes a variety of items from our menu that will accommodate any size event. Charges are per person, minimum orders required.) “20 people”

Easy Entertaining $8.70 per person
Mediterranean Combo (Spinach pie, meat pie, and kibbe) “2 dozen”
Hummus (served with pita bread) “large tray”
Fattoush ”large tray”

Light Lunch $13.00 per person 
Sandwich tray (falafel, Beef, chicken, shisk kabob, for kafta)”20 sandwiches”
Hummus or Baba, Fattoush
Grapeleaves (meat or meatless) “2 dozen”

Mediterranean feast $30.00 per person 
•Mixed Grill (Shishtawook, Shish Kabob, or Kafta and comes with rice) “2 skewers”
Falafel platter “large tray”
Taboule “Medium tray”
Fattoush “Large Tay”
Hummus “large Tray”
Mediterranean Comb (kibbee, spinach pie, or meat pie) “2 dozen”
Bakalva “Large Tray”

“These are just some of our combination menu options,
your menu can be tailored to fit any occasion or budget.”
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